New York Fashion Week Favourites (Round 2)

I’m back again, with my second round up of my favourite shows from New York Fashion Week. After a whirl wind start, designers continue to show their very best for the Spring/Summer 2015 collections. I took it as a personal gift from the fashion industry when some of my favourite designers showed on my 20th birthday (The Row, Thom Browne, Rag & Bone) and as motivation to recap the fashion that followed this week. It continuously blows my mind how much hard work and time goes into these collections and the production of the shows themselves. For seven or eight minutes, the world goes away, and these catwalks become home to hungry eyes looking for the next big thing. I’m so thankful that there are thousands of people out there who love fashion as much as I do, and work so hard to put this together every year. That said, here are some of the shows that took my breathe away:

Elie Tahari

Elie_Tahari_001_1366 Elie_Tahari_004_1366 Elie_Tahari_010_1366 Elie_Tahari_027_1366


Theory_001_1366 Theory_003_1366 Theory_004_1366 Theory_009_1366 Theory_013_1366 Theory_020_1366 Theory_022_1366

Oscar de la Renta


Thom Browne

thombrowne thombrowne2 thombrowne3 thombrowne4 thombrowne5 thombrowne6 thombrowne7 thombrowne8

images via Style


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