The Miracle of Micellar Water

I am not a super qualified beauty blogger but hear me out: don't we all aspire to have the french girl beauty routine down pat?

There is something about "french girls" that instantly conjures up an image of someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed, all the while looking immaculate with perfectly messy hair; smudged but still presentable makeup; and an "oh this old thing?" expression about how simple it is to look so bare faced but still radiant. When I roll out of bed, I look like godzilla. Any time a product comes my way or is recommended to me and has any promise of getting me closer to resembling Brigitte Bardot, I will try it.

Micellar water first made an appearance in my life a few months ago by the way of my friend Will. Will is a magical human being with a passion for makeup and nails that has been passed onto me. Will texted me about micellar water as an alternate to makeup remover wipes and I made a note to check it out if i came across it.

A few weeks ago I was at walmart with my mom, perusing their shelves of drugstore makeup when I saw a bottle of micellar water by Garnier. It was less than $3 for a travel sized bottle so it seemed perfect considering I only wanted to give it a trial run. I was NOT expecting results within three days but now I believe that micellar water should really go by holy water.

I use the blue bottle on the right, which is meant to get off waterproof makeup. The pink bottle on the left is meant for morning and night use. I believe Garnier may even have a third kind, but it's nice to know there's not just one claiming to be a cure all.

Every time I clean my skin with micellar water, it feels more hydrated. After using it when I woke up in the morning and before I went to sleep for a few days, I noticed my skin clearing up! I will say that over time it does start to dry your skin out so pair it with a toner like Thayer's witch hazel to keep your skin hydrated.

Do any of you have a favourite brand of micellar water?

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