fracture coasters by ivana carpio

a little known fact about me is that i collect coasters. it all started in university when i took a coaster from a bar i went to with my then boyfriend. over time, i made a point of picking up a coaster at any restaurant i went to that had them readily available. i decided to invest more in coasters and now have enough to supply a small village dinner party if the event arises.

when i came across ivana carpio’s fracture coasters, i instantly fell in love. they look quite sharp and evoke a bit of danger but are still elegant to look at. made of 9mm glass in the netherlands, they come in a set of five.

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city of gold

jonathan gold is renowned for his compassionate, fair writing. a food critic for the la times, jonathan is not afraid to review a restaurant that calls a strip mall home. unlike other food critics, he will go where no other man has went before, and be happy to share the tale. when you read one of his reviews, it feels like you’re catching up with an old friend. in the documentary City of Gold, everyone who makes a cameo paints the same picture of jonathan: that he’s as passionate about food as he is people.

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beauty crush: sophie rose garland

in the last few months, my relationship with makeup has reached new heights. i have found myself subscribed to so many beauty vloggers on youtube, following certain makeup artists religiously, and trying to stay in the know with up and coming brands and products. i may not wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis but this doesn’t mean i don’t adore those who beat their face, especially if they do it well. what i’ve come to realize is that there are so many talented people out there who use makeup not only to create beautiful looks, but to inspire the makeup loving community as well.

i want to do my part in reinforcing this community so I’ve decided to start posting weekly beauty crushes. a beauty crush is someone who inspires me with their makeup choices, whether it be by showing tutorials on how to create looks, or just having amazing paint. the first person (and inspiration to blog about beauty crushes) is sophie rose garland.

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style crush: lauren caruso

since adopting an all black wardrobe, many have asked where the change came from. in university, i was a lot more adventurous with my style and recently, i’ve toned it down. i used to think it meant i was boring but i’ve come to realize the importance of having a uniform. there are days when i have no clue what to wear and then i throw on my trusty black tank top and jeans and feel at home. someone who has inspired me to stay true to my aesthetic is lauren caruso.

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