fracture coasters by ivana carpio

a little known fact about me is that i collect coasters. it all started in university when i took a coaster from a bar i went to with my then boyfriend. over time, i made a point of picking up a coaster at any restaurant i went to that had them readily available. i decided to invest more in coasters and now have enough to supply a small village dinner party if the event arises.

when i came across ivana carpio’s fracture coasters, i instantly fell in love. they look quite sharp and evoke a bit of danger but are still elegant to look at. made of 9mm glass in the netherlands, they come in a set of five.

when i found out it was real broken glass, not fake fractures, i was more impressed as it guarantees each coaster is unique.

these coasters are an ode to imperfections. ivana has a lifestyle brand, atelier, which is an extension of her blog love aesthetics. according to ivana’s website, everything she does references a work in progress, and the concept of creative spaces where ideas are born.

buy the set for yourself via ivana’s store.


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