Milan Fashion Week Favourites

When I first started writing about fashion, I would always use the word fascino. An Italian word, it translates to glamour. I used to think that for something to be beautiful; whether it be a person, collection, or photograph it had to be glamorous. In retrospect, I think my younger self knew more about fashion than I would give myself credit for. When you think about Italian fashion power houses, they are defined by glamour. Versace, Giorgio Armani, Emilio Pucci, and Dolce & Gabanna are a few names that make people stop in motion when announced. The culture in Milan is rich, like the fabrics and colours used in their designs; as well as the roots of tradition. Many of the fashion brands whose legacies live on today have been passed down generation to generation, with heirs waiting their turn to light the torch, and continue to give new life to the term fascino.

Here are my favourites from the Spring/Summer ’15 collections shown in Milan:

MAR_0333 MAR_0165 MAR_0099 MAR_0085 MAR_0055

Marni had me daydreaming about traveling to Egypt and spending time wandering aimlessly through the desert while still looking incredibly chic.

Emilio Pucci

_MON0736 _MON0641 _MON0516 _MON0139 _MON0120 _MON0052 _MON0037

Emilio Pucci had me wanting to channel my inner 70’s undercover agent. Boho badass meets 70’s glam.


043_AG19738 041_AG19697 025_AG19353 007_AG18990 006_AG18964 004_AG18907

Moschino brought back Barbie as well as a few other cheeky trends and I imagine if Elle Woods wasn’t fictional, she’d be first in line.

Antonio Marras

MARC0694 MARC0661 MARC0633 MARC0609 MARC0471 MARC0257 MARC0149 MARC0039

Antonio Marras is underrated. I love the way he mixes prints and colours – his designs always tell a tale from head to toe.

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