Chloë Sevigny Never Goes out of Style

Recently, a newfound interest in Chloë Sevigny has peaked inside of me. I first came across Chloë years ago in Nylon Magazine and I thought she was edgy and beautiful but I knew there was more to her story. I never realized that Chloë had been commanding the scene since she was 19 and it made me a bit anxious to go out and make a name for myself. Always one step ahead of the rest, she embodies that “I don’t care what you think” attitude because she has the confidence to back it up. There are plenty of reasons why I’m fascinated by her: she dated and lived with director and artist Harmony Korine in the 90’s, served as a muse to my designer darlings Proenza Schouler, starred in some of my favourite films (Gummo, Big Brown Bunny, Kids), and the way she speaks her mind freely. People have wrote that Chloë’s mouth has gotten her into trouble but I think that can be attributed to her having to make quotes since she was nineteen. Going from the streets of Connecticut to cutting teeth with New Yorkers would be a huge jump for any teenager, but Chloë took it in stride, resulting in the “Ooh’s” and “Ahh’s” of the cool girl who’s level we’ll never be on.

{some of my favourite pictures of Chloë}

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