Lady Marmalade

As one might expect from a twenty something living in a downtown metropolis, I am a brunch aficionado. I have scoured the “Best Of” lists time and time again in hopes of finding THE restaurant that will become my local on Sunday mornings. Thankfully, Toronto is home to some of the best restaurants, and we take our brunch very seriously. One restaurant I had always wanted to try but never had a chance was Lady Marmalade. Until now…


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Style Crush: Lauren Caruso

Since adopting an all black wardrobe, many have asked where the change came from. In university, I was a lot more adventurous with my style and recently, I’ve toned it down. I used to think it meant I was boring but I’ve come to realize the importance of having a uniform. There are days when I have no clue what to wear and then I throw on my trusty black tank top and jeans and feel at home. Someone who has inspired me to stay true to my aesthetic is Lauren Caruso.

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New Year, New Me… ish

I know, I know. Last time I said I would be here for good and then I left… again. I hope you can accept my apology as I spent the last few months trying to find (or create) a semblance of balance in my life. Last spring was a tough time for me: I had been laid off, had relationship troubles, and was in the midst of my depression rearing its ugly head for the first time in awhile. I took a few months to recharge my batteries and I’m glad I did – the end of 2016 was the happiest time in my life to date. I found a job I love, I learned how to deal with my depression and anxiety better, and I’ve found the ambition and love for life I had lost last year. It may sound corny but my number one resolution for 2017 is to trust myself more and be there for the people around me.


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Shoesday: Espadrilles

I’m bringing back a series I originally had planned on dedicating more attention to: Shoesday. The start of the week always makes me feel a little bit blah and what better way to perk up than doing some shopping? Since Toronto has been graced with 30° weather, it’s time to start thinking about summer footwear. Saying goodbye to my ankle boots has been hard but I’m making room for espadrilles.

espadrilles collage
{image via Polyvore}

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