There Again

The scene: a young girl, waking up at home, sits up and retrieves a card from her bedside table. There is a phone number with a note saying “Call me xoxo.” She slips the card into a drawer in the table, where we see plenty more of them. We see her start her day, which involves making coffee and taking a few selfies. Later on, she’s at a restaurant, being gazed upon by a suitor while trying to resemble the photos she had taken earlier. Without giving the entire plot away, does this sound familiar to anyone attempting dating in 2017?

There Again is a short film by Vera Babida based on the dating experiences of her and her friends. The film shows a young woman dating in the modern world, trying to break the repetitive cycle she has entered. Take a look to see if she’s able to cast away her past experiences with dating and move on with a fresh start.


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