Proenza Schouler Produce Another Perfect Collection

I have looked forward to the Proenza Schouler show each season for the last eight years. Looking back, my love of fashion may have wavered but my appreciation for what Jack, Lazaro, and their team do has not. They are always a few steps ahead and create pieces that feel inspired by the now but have an appeal that makes them stand the test of time. With this being their final show during New York Fashion week, I was curious to see if it would change their design outlook. Heading to Paris to show during the haute couture shows is a business move to increase sales so the clothes have more time on the sales floor before being discounted. As Nicole Phelps wrote for Vogue Runway, the expectations are different in Paris, so the Proenza Schouler duo delivered something different but stunning as ever.


I was shocked to see so many dresses on the runway. I know that Proenza Schouler is a womenswear brand but generally I imagine their designs being more edgy and with more of a focus on separates. Even the colour palette seemed a lot lighter than usual, with dusty rose; periwinkle; and peach making appearances. It was a welcome change though. I love how downtown the Proenza Schouler girl always feels (and maybe this is a reflection of me working on updating my own personal style) but seeing a more feminine approach makes me question adding some more lighter colours into my own wardrobe. Something else that surprised me was their decision to use their logo on the clothing. Generally an understated brand, it was a bold statement that shows the times are changing and Proenza Schouler is ready to adapt.

proenza-schouler-look29 proenza-schouler-look27 proenza-schoulerlook26 proenza-schouler-look16 proenza-schouler-look14 proenza-schouler-look13 proenza-schouler-look11 proenza-schouler-look5 proenza-schouler-look3

See the rest of the collection on Vogue Runway.


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