Rose and Sons

When I made the move to Toronto one thing I anticipated more than anything else was the restaurant scene. It seemed like every cuisine under the sun had a place to call home and the inclusivity and thoughtful approach excited me. When I for a place to eat, I often peruse instagram and blog to for honest reviews and suggestions. Keeping that in mind, I have decided to create my own archive of restaurant reviews and highlights in the city.

Let's start with Rose and Sons at 176 Dupont street.

rose and sons via jamie sarner
{image via Jamie Sarner}

Prior to visiting Rose & Sons, I had heard rave reviews from my friend Kevin, who insisted we go. He told me how one of their burgers tasted so good it made him cry so I knew it had to be added to my list. The Rose & Sons group is a familiar fixture in Toronto, hosting a plethora of amazing restaurants on its roster including Bar Begonia and Fat Pasha.

Last week, Kevin and I were stumped on where to grab lunch. He had a location in mind and I was so fortunate that he waited to surprise me by taking me to Rose & Sons. When we were seated, our waitress told us that we would only be able to dine off the transitional menu as we came in between lunch and dinner. I was a bit discouraged but then I took a gander at the remaining lunch options and realized I was in for a great meal. Luckily, the cry-worthy burger was available, so Kevin and I both ordered it.

{Kevin waiting for me to finish our lunchtime photo op}

The burger in question is the Bleu Steel Burger. People say that models don't eat but I know Derek Zoolander would happily indulge in this experience. Topped with Dr.Pepper bacon, pickled onions, and bleu cheese served on a buttermilk bun, it was a dream come true for my taste buds. I have NEVER enjoyed bacon more, Girl Scout honour. Normally I find bacon to be overdone but (I think) Rose & Sons put theirs in a smoker after candying it. Whatever the secret is, it was magical. The bleu cheese had just enough punch to keep it from being overly sweet and the medium rare patty was cooked perfectly. It was basically a transcendental experience or the closest thing to heaven I'd ever tasted.


When I thought our lunch couldn't get better, I decided to order a milkshake. I am a milkshake fiend so when I find a place that serves a good one, I hold them in high regard. Our waitress told us that they mix chocolate and vanilla soft serve  and make their chocolate sauce in house. She was even kind enough to give us some suggestions to make our own shakes for our next visit! Unfortunately, I was so enamoured by the taste, I didn't snap a picture. I guess that means I have to go back soon because the proof is in the pudding (which they also have on the menu!)

From start to finish, my experience at Rose & Sons was pleasant and one I won't soon forget. There's nothing like visiting a restaurant for the first time and feeling like you're a regular customer. I'll be going back soon to try their fried brussels sprouts at dinner, as well as the Chef's picks for bourbon (*sings What a Girl Wants*) among other things. Until then, my stomach will growl while I scroll their Instagram at @roseandsons.


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