Bast and Anubis

A little known fact about me: I used to be obsessed with ancient Egypt. In grade school, any time we would have the autonomy to choose our own project idea, I would pick a topic revolving around Egypt. Whether it be about ancient gods and goddesses, the pyramids, or the city itself, I would do anything I could to have a reason to learn more about that part of ancient history.

anubis and bast 6

Thanks to Kristina O’Neill taking the helm at WSJ. Magazine, every month I get a re-invented take on the history I grew to love so much. In September 2014, the magazine introduced¬†The Adventures of Anubis, Bast, & Who featuring two of the most famous ancient Gods in the latest fashions as they galavant around the world. Created by Alejandro Cardenas for each issue, they’re laughable and chic all at once. Here are some of my favourite adventures the duo have taken.

anubis and bast anubis and bast 2 anubis and bast 3 anubis and bast 4 anubis and bast 5 anubis and bast 7 anubis and bast 8 anubis and bast 9{images via WSJ}



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