All Food, No Play

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy so in order to avoid this, Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano created a photographic food sequence in homage to the Torrance family. With 2015 marking the 35th anniversary of The Shining, the duo (Ficca is a food stylist and Luciano a photographer) came together to make these delicious yet daunting treats.

laPEArinth{LaPEArinth: A rendition of The Overlook Maze created with fresh peas}


{REDRUM soup: Danny spells out REDRUM in his alphabet soup}

Dull Cherry Pie
{Dull Cherry Pie: Wendy discovers that Jack made Cherry Pies covered with the words “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy}

Sweet Twins
{Sweet Twins: A cupcake version of “the Grady twins” in The Overlook Hotel’s hallway as blood is pouring down the walls}

Jack's Frozen Heart
{Jack’s Frozen Heart: Jack’s heart is frozen in an ice block in the Lapearinth}

{all images via Davide Luciano}


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