Just Being Frida

I can’t remember what brought the joy into my life before Vulture. The entertainment forum of New York Magazine, their staff never fail to create content that makes me think, laugh, and write. One of their latest pieces, written by Nate Freeman, talks about the dear Frida Kahlo. This year she’s been in the news a lot more, with exhibitions focusing on the artist coming to light. The one in particular that Freeman writes about is Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life put on by the New York Botanical Gardens. Focusing on the artist’s relationship with all things green, it’s a great retrospective. Yet the real focus of Freeman’s article is the most ironic thing of all: the Gardens came out with an accompanying Selfie app for the exhibition.

An exhibit focusing on an artist and her relationship with agriculture and flowers yet marketing an electronic mobile app? It’s very telling of our generation and the way the art world is moving. Yet like Steven Cottingham wrote for the Temporary Art Review, we have nothing left to lose, so artists and art writers can have their way with how they write about this propaganda. If you can’t tell by my language, I find it a bit icky to say the least, that they’re promoting Frida’s art work with capitalism, as any fan would know she seethed at the thought of it and was a revolutionist.

Going back to my love of Vulture, Freeman saves the day with his article, by using the Selfie app for the greater good of the art community. They decided to take self portraits by more prominent members of the art world and run them through the app to see what they could come up with. The results are comical and modern day pièce de résistance.

selfie ai weiwei{Ai Weiwei}

selfie david zwirner
{David Zwirner}

selfie jeff koons
{Jeff Koons}

selfie jeffrey deitch
{Jeffrey Deitch}

selfie klaus biesenbach and hans ulrich obrist
{Klaus Biesenbach and Hans Ulrich Obrist}

selfie larry gagosian
{Larry Gagosian}

selfie marina abramovic
{Marina Abramovic}

selfie scott rothkopf
{Scott Rothkopf}

selfie simon de pury
{Simon de Pury}

{images via Vulture}



One thought on “Just Being Frida

  1. This is the Best Blog you have ever written! You discussed the technology, and the irony of how it clashes with the beliefs of Frida. Well Done!


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