Twin Beaks

Who killed Laura Palmer?

For most of us, this question was answered twenty-five years ago, when Twin Peaks came to an end. The show, a mystifying David Lynch creation, was a staple in the 90’s. With characters like Agent Dale Cooper, Donna Hayward, Bobby Briggs, and the show’s teen dream Laura Palmer; it was an instant hit. In true Lynch fashion, it was offbeat, but the cult following still exists to this day.

Keeping this in mind, one would be safe to assume a parody of the show wouldn’t come from a children’s television show. Yet, the producers at Sesame Street, took it upon themselves to make a G-rated spoof of the show. The premise is as follows: finding himself in the town of Twin Beaks, Agent Cookie becomes fixated on finding the origin of the name. He may not be in town to solve a murder, but he has some darn good pie at the local diner, which as any Twin Peaks fan knows, was vital for the visiting detective.

If you want to see more of Sesame Street’s “Monsterpiece Theatre” series, you can find the videos here.


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