Abandoned Love Series

We all have experienced love, we all have experienced heartbreak. Thanks to digital artist Peyton Fulford, we can find comfort knowing that we aren’t the only ones who have lived through these feelings. Her participatory photo series “Abandoned Love” involved Tumblr users from all over the world to send in their secrets, which Peyton then created into banners and placed on abandoned buildings. Almost like physical PostSecrets strewn across Columbus, Georgia, the series allows the audience to feel a mixed sense of comfort and release. Inspired by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher’s “Learning to Love You More” and Klaudija Visockyte’s “Please Don’t Leave Me” series, Peyton’s banners are as magnetic as they are melancholy. With the increase of popularity, she is going forward turning the images into prints, so if you’re a fan please show your support here.

tumblr_nnl8eahNmr1uutv3jo2_r1_500 tumblr_nnl8op10qF1uutv3jo2_r1_500 tumblr_nnl8r1Ni8U1uutv3jo1_r2_500 tumblr_nnl8sjFrwH1uutv3jo1_r1_500 tumblr_nnl8uxhDuD1uutv3jo2_r2_500 tumblr_nnl8x8s8Vf1uutv3jo2_r1_500 tumblr_nnl8zoViRB1uutv3jo2_r2_500 tumblr_nnl9145pjo1uutv3jo1_500{images via Abandoned Love Series Tumblr}


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