All My Shit Designer

If you won the lottery, what would you buy? I would immediately go on a shopping spree. As someone who’s obsessed with fashion, having a huge sum of money to spend on clothes would leave me like a kid in a candy store. I have always wanted to go to a shopping mall and buy whatever I wanted without looking at price tags but that day has yet to come. I’m confident that one day I will make enough money to live a life of luxury but for now, I’m rubbing my dimes together. Even though I’ve succumb to jealousy that I can’t afford the same designer things as the majority of the bloggers, celebrities, and socialites that I admire, after reading this article on Four Pins I’m somewhat happy. To make a long story short, Four Pins shared an article from Business of Fashion that was a research piece related to shopping and it’s intriguing.

According to the research, in the past logic and rational reasoning were the main factors behind making the decision to buy something. Did it make sense to spend the money, would you have the essentials covered, can you afford it? These are all valid questions but this new research suggests that the shopper’s mentality is changing. Nowadays, people are buying things without thinking it through completely. I know that I’m guilty of this practice so I wanted to learn more. Instead of doing focus groups, the scientists took brain scans of how people reacted when shown certain images of designer logos and items. If you see the image for even less than a split second, it makes an impression on the pleasure centre in your brain. Think of your favourite brand, then think of a brand you aren’t fond of. If you were shown images from the two brands, the pleasure centre in your brain would more likely have a different reaction on the scan then the latter because it’s more valuable to you.

People who typically shop in the same price range and for the same items get accustomed to a certain lifestyle and a way of shopping. This isn’t a bad thing but when you find value in certain items, it is easier to defend making an impulse purchase even if it’s illogical. In the moment it may be a good idea but it’s always worth thinking the decision through so you don’t have to worry about money. Shopping smart and well will leave you and your wallet happy.

brand logos{image via AMD Law Group}



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