Madewell Fall ’15

Confession time: I had never heard of Madewell until a few days ago. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I wasn’t at all familiar with the brand until I saw a stream of Snapchats from their Fall 2015 presentation. Luckily, the fashion industry has jumped on the Snapchat wagon and I can live vicariously through my favourite editors, bloggers, and other members of the community. When I saw glimpses of what Madewell had to offer for this Fall, I had pangs of remorse for wishing winter away so soon. Crazy, right?! A girl who has been anxiously waiting for summer since November 1, wanting the cold weather to stick around! I have never been a fan of the colder months once my birthday has came and went but keeping these new pieces in mind has me looking forward to Fall ’15.

Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-1 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-2 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-5 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-6 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-7 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-8 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-9 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-10 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-11 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-12 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-13 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-14 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-15 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-16 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-17 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-18 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-19 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-20 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-21 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-22 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-23 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-24 Madewell-Fall-2015-Lookbook-25{images via Studded Hearts}


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