Dark Angel

Alexander McQueen was a visionary unlike any other. Not satisfied with the typical, he always went above and beyond to create clothing that spoke more about the woman than anything else. He may not have been known for sex appeal or making ultra feminine pieces yet it was a fact that when you wore a McQueen piece, you were unstoppable.

I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.” This quote was voiced by the man himself and in two sentences summed up the world he devised for those who he dressed. He acknowledged the misogyny in the world and gave women armour to take it on. His shows were more than that, they were theatrical presentations meant to make you question everything you believe in. If Lee was here today, I hope he would see the impact he’s left on all of us.

He was the first fashion designer that I ever truly loved and when I heard of his suicide, I was devastated. How heartbreaking it is to lose someone you love so much that you’ve never met or talked to but still has all of your heart. His collections made me think and realize that within his theatrics, he always had the same focus in mind: making women feel powerful. Whether it be having his models dress in elaborate looks that were almost costume like or upping the anti on what society deemed appropriate, McQueen was never going to fit into the mold that society wanted him to. With the date of his passing coming in a few days, and the Savage Beauty exhibit coming to London for the first time ever, Vogue UK decided to honour the man who created a world of whimsy for us all.

The magazine was given special access to McQueen’s archives and picked some of the most famous looks he ever created. Models Aya Jones, Xiao Wen Ju, Harleth Kuusik, Yumi Lambert, and Nastya Sten all look hauntingly beautiful in these images. McQueen created magic, not clothing.

When I first saw the images I can honestly say I was brought to tears. Not only is McQueen one of my heroes, he will forever be my muse, because he was the reason I became so enamoured with this industry in the first place.

Dark Angel Dark Angel 2 Dark Angel 3 Dark Angel 4 Dark Angel 5 Dark Angel 6 Dark Angel 7 Dark Angel 8 Dark Angel 9{images via We are so Droeë}


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