Broad City Paper Dolls

When I was growing up, my favourite past time was to play with my Barbies and Polly Pockets. I worried less about the drama in their lives and more on what cute outfit I could dress them in. Once technology came into my life (I still remember my family’s first desktop) I began perusing the internet for the same sensation I once found dressing up my plastic dolls. I found Stardoll and it was the answer to my fashion obsessed prayers. The site had a plethora of celebrities, actresses, and models to pick from with an array of wardrobe choices based on things they’d actually wear. Now, as a 20 year old, I still get the urge to play dress up but my anxiety has made it difficult to embrace being eccentric. So since I have yet to bite the bullet and go cray, I have an even better way to feel like a kid again, and have the opportunity to play dress up. Thanks to the team at Vulture, they brought to life some of our favourite Abbi and Ilana moments from Broad City, in paper doll format. Featuring classic looks (Abbi’s blue dress, Ilana’s full tuxedo for Darcy’s wedding) and accessories (a bong, a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon, their Macbooks for Skyping) it’s a hilarious way to take your love for the comedian duo off screen.

Are there any outfits or accessories that you think should be on the paper doll print out? Let me know in the comments below.

broad city paper doll abbi broad city paper doll ilana{images via Vulture}


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