With dreams of being a copywriter if the coveted spot of Editor-in-Chief of Flare doesn’t come up, I always try to pay attention to new ad campaigns and figure out why the team chose to market their product the way they did. There have been plenty of campaigns out there that were questionable over the years but the fashion industry has come upon a new way of marketing. First, it was the Mansur Gavriel girls using animals as the stars of their campaign. Next on the docket is #ToastMeetsKaren. If you aren’t familiar with Toast, he’s a King Charles dog that Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky rescued from a puppy mill. Toast is already famous on Instagram boasting 164 k followers but I promise once you see these pictures, you’ll understand why. He has the sweetest face and you can’t help but “awww” when you see him posing with his tongue out. I have always been an advocate for animal welfare and seeing that Ostrovsky saved Toast from a much worse fate is heart warming.

Karen Walker is the Karen in the #ToastMeetsKaren equation who designs eyewear. She creates incredible collections and after seeing Toast in her new Spring/Summer 2015 collection, I may have to splurge and buy a pair of my own. Not only is this a great move for Walker marketing wise but it’s a way to attract a different audience outside of the fashion crowd because no one can resist looking at a cute dog in sunnies. You can shop the collection here.

toast for karen walker 4 toast for karen walker 6 toast for karen walker 7 toast for karen walker 8 toast for karen walker 9 toast for karen walker 10 toast for karen walker 11 toast for karen walker 12{images via Honestly WTF}


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