Mango Spring 2015

Did you miss me? Excuse the brief hiatus but the last week has been full of excitement as I made the transition from my cozy, small town life to that of a city goer in Toronto. I have nothing but love for my new job and city so far and I’ve spent the last few days trying to get comfortable. Of course work is my top priority but that will never mean that this blog is on the back burner. It’s been an absolute pleasure thus far and I hope you’ve been inspired. The coming months will only feature bigger and better things so keep your eyes peeled and let’s get lost in reverie.

Back to the fashion! It appears that the 70’s are having their time in the spotlight right now. I can only imagine that Rachel Zoe is having a hey day preparing for her Spring show because the 60’s and 70’s are her favourite decade. I’ve never been a huge fan of the 70’s because I was never the type of girl to dress bohemian. I always leaned towards punk or preppy but after seeing Mango’s Spring 2015 collection, I have been converted. Anna Ewers stars in the lookbook (how is she always so beautiful?) in an array of denim, fringe, corduroy, knits and more. I think what I like most about this collection is the overall feeling it gave me when I looked at it the first time. The 70’s are for the girls who are the epitome of effortless cool. And who doesn’t want to feel that way?

anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign01-612x415 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign02-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign04-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign05-612x415 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign06-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign08-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign09-612x415 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign10-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign11-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign12-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign13-612x415 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign14-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign15-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign16-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign17-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign18-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign19-612x829 anna-ewers-mango-spring-2015-ad-campaign20-612x829{images via Because I’m Addicted}


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