Anatomical Accessories by Konstantin Kofta

Fashion is one of the most common forms of self expression. What better way to say who you are than not having to speak at all and letting your clothing speak for you? For some of us, we find comfort in a uniform (I’ll expand more on this in another post) and others find that same comfort in dressing zany. The audience who will wear Konstantin Kofta’s creations doesn’t fit in either demographic, yet maybe the latter would be daring enough to carry these bookbags. The Kiev-based designer has created accessories that are inspired by human anatomy. I find the human body to be endlessly fascinating because there is so much that we don’t know about and fashion is a great way to take a more thoughtful approach to body parts we don’t think twice about. Featuring bookbags with protruding bones, clutches with hands, and even a bookbag with a screaming face, Kofta is anything but ordinary. They aren’t for the faint of heart but the wearer should stand with their head high knowing they can pull off such peculiar accessories.

8 konstantin kofta konstantin kofta 2 konstantin kofta 3 konstantin kofta 4 konstantin kofta 5 konstantin kofta 6 konstantin kofta 7 konstantin kofta 9{images via We The Urban}


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