Martin Grant Pre-Fall 2015

Have you ever looked at a collection and thought “I wish I could own every piece of this collection and have it be my sole wardrobe”? When I was perusing, I came across designer Martin Grant. I’ve never heard of him before but I decided I’d look over his Pre-Fall 2015 collection and see what I thought. I’m happy that I decided to check it out because I fell head over heels. This collection may be representing Pre-Fall but these pieces could carry you throughout the fall and winter months. Somehow these unique pieces come together in unison and create opportunities to feel like a different kind of women depending on how you pair them. With a fairly muted color palette, Grant included leopard, leather, and feathers to liven it up. You could take any of these pieces from the boardroom to drinks if necessary. Although I’ve been miserable about the winter, this collection makes me think twice about wanting it to leave so soon.

Martin_Grant_01_1366 Martin_Grant_02_1366 Martin_Grant_03_1366 Martin_Grant_04_1366 Martin_Grant_05_1366 Martin_Grant_06_1366 Martin_Grant_07_1366 Martin_Grant_08_1366 Martin_Grant_09_1366 Martin_Grant_10_1366 Martin_Grant_11_1366 Martin_Grant_12_1366 Martin_Grant_13_1366 Martin_Grant_14_1366 Martin_Grant_15_1366 Martin_Grant_16_1366 Martin_Grant_17_1366 Martin_Grant_18_1366{images via}


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