Tommy Ton in Milan for

Things I’ve learned from looking at Tommy Ton’s street style photos from the Fall ’15 Menswear shows in Milan:

  • There are a lot of well dressed couples
  • Everyone loves to dress up
  • Suits and long tail coats are must haves
  • Beards and long hair are the (beautiful) norm
  • Many people don’t utilize the sleeves of their jackets
  • The more, the merrier
  • I will never be able to layer as stylishly as these folks
  • You can never have too many prints
  • Style gets better with age
  • Androgyny is über chic
  • Beanies can be elevated to appear dressy (here’s to fighting the case that they’re work appropriate!)
  • I will meet my soulmate at or outside one of these shows

The street style:

18-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-01 18-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-04 18-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-10 18-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-12 18-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-14 19-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-06 19-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-12 19-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-14 20-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-11 21-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-02 21-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-03 21-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-09 21-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-17 21-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-21 22-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-01 22-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-04 22-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-08 22-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style-12 23-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_01 24-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_13 25-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_001 25-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_004 25-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_005 25-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_006 25-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_008 25-tommy-ton-fall-2015-menswear-street-style_013{images via}


2 thoughts on “Tommy Ton in Milan for

    1. Oh my gosh haha that’s a riot! I’m not sure I’d spend that kind of money on a bag with holes but I love the message! lol. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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