Take Off Your Clothes

In 2010, Spanish artist Adara Sánchez Anguiano started the series “Take Off Your Clothes.” Fascinated by a daily occurrence that we all take part in, Anguiano’s interest in undressing lies deeper than what meets the eye. She told iGNANT, “It’s like a romance with the human body, a cupid’s arrow every time I contemplate it.” In her illustrations, Anguiano’s figures are at their most intimate, peeling off one layer of clothing and exposing what lies underneath. She explained further to iGNANT, “The act of undressing is a rebellion, the uprising of the skin over the tyranny of clothes, it’s actually an act of freedom.” If I may elaborate on her point of view, as it’s an interesting one, I never thought about undressing in such a way. Usually I’m half-hazardly trying to put together an outfit (this is one blogger who doesn’t plan ahead, oops!) or tearing it off at the end of the night and throwing on cozy pyjamas. I know a lot of people who feel free when they’re nude, and with campaigns like Free The Nipple taking over, it appears that wearing nothing but your birthday suit brings a new sensation of power into play.

take off your clothes take off your clothes 2 take off your clothes 3 take off your clothes 4 take off your clothes 5 take off your clothes 6
take off your clothes 7 take off your clothes 8{images via Adara Illustrations}


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