#TBT – Una Donna, Due Stili

One thing I love about Tumblr is how it’s an endless stream of inspiration. I’m constantly checking the app on my phone or looking at my dashboard on my laptop because it helps me come up with topics for the blog. When I was on the site earlier I came across a photo of Linda Evangelista in an editorial for Vogue Italia. It was from the October 1993 issue but she looked stunning (as always). I wanted to see the rest of the spread because I thought it may offer some winter style inspiration. Luckily, the fashion fanatics at The Fashion Spot can always be counted on for sharing scans of photoshoots like this one in particular. I found this editorial quickly thanks to user LylaScans, who shared all of the editorials from the October 1993 issue, which was terrific because it’s interesting to see the difference in the style of photography from back then to the present. I hope you all like these images as much as I do and they help you when you’re getting ready to face those brutal temperatures.

LINDA LINDA 2 LINDA 3 LINDA 4 LINDA 5 LINDA 6 LINDA 7 LINDA 8{images via The Fashion Spot}


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