Girls’ Love Stories

When I first heard about Girls’ Love Stories, I was hoping the comics were created as satire, yet apparently this wasn’t the case. Started in 1949, it was the first foray DC Comics made into romance. According to the Grand Comics Database, it ran for 180 issues, with the last one being the Nov-Dec 1973 issues. The reason I said I hope these comics are satire are because the content the comics cover are things that I hope don’t plague modern-day women. Topics vary from getting a man, intense jealousy, and an overall theme of women worrying that they aren’t enough for their male counterparts. In retrospect, I wonder what the women who read these comics when they were printed thought, and if they were as taken aback as I am. I’ll share a few of my favourites with you.

Ed. Note: I chose my “favourites” based on how hard they made me laugh.

Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_4 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_14 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_15 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_27 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_43 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_67 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_72 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_89 Girls'_Love_Stories_Vol_1_141{images via DC Wikia}


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