73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

If you grew up in the 90’s, you’re well aware of who Victoria Beckham is. Although she no longer goes by the name Posh Spice, she’s famous for a slew of other reasons now. Married to professional soccer player David Beckham, designer of her own eponymous label, and mother to her beautiful family of four, Beckham has a lot on her plate. The transition from pop star to all around global icon took many years in the making but I’m quite fond of the direction that she’s went in. There have been many instances where you’ll see a musician or celebrity talk about starting a clothing line, or a company and you can tell all they’ve done is sign their name on it. The difference between Beckham and her celebrity counterparts is that with her line, you know that she’s been hands on for the entire process. When her debut collection launched in 2008 with a low-key presentation, I don’t think anyone expected it to blow up the way it has. Beckham isn’t the kind of woman who opens up that often about her personal life so when Vogue shared their “73 Questions with ___” video starring her, I was elated. It’s an inside look at what drives Beckham, her relationship with her handsome hubby, and her plans for world domination.


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