#TBT – Jolie Madame 91

I know that #tbt is often limited to Instagram uploads but I think a fun transition with the hashtag would be to bring it new life on Lost In Reverie. From now on, every Thursday, I will be sharing a #tbt post – whether it be an editorial, product from the past, or anything that I believe deserves a chance to re-surface. First up on the docket is this editorial from Glamour France’s December 1990/January 1991 issue. In the 90’s, model Joanna Rhodes was a face you saw everywhere. When I saw an image from the editorial Jolie madame 91, I had to find the entire spread. I’m thankful for my mother allowing me to take part in the French Immersion program in middle school because every now and again I find the opportunity to brush up on my French, and this was one of those times. The description of the editorial praises a cozy, lazy Sunday, and with the recent bout of cold weather, there is no better excuse to stay bundled up and indoors. I hope this editorial inspires you to create a cozy nook of your own in your home and take advantage of relaxing.

jolie madame 91 jolie madame 91 2 jolie madame 91 3 jolie madame 91 4 jolie madame 91 5 jolie madame 91 6{images via The Fashion Spot}


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