Dauphines of New York x Sephora

When I say the word headband, who do you think of first? For me, Blair Waldorf comes to mind. Always the piece du resistance of her outfits, you rarely see Ms. Waldorf without a beautiful, sparkling headband. Headbands have been a huge part of my life ever since I was a young girl and refused to cut my long hair. Bangs were out of the question, so my mom found middle ground with me, by picking out tons of cute bands for me to wear. Just like I’ve changed over time, so has my style. That’s where Dauphines of New York steps in. Designed in New York City by Summer Rej, Dauphine’s headbands are custom fit with semiprecious stones such as turquoise, coral, and gold; fine leathers; or sparkling crystals; all finished with lightweight metal chains and engraved hardware reading “Dauphines.” Having found success in major department stores like Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman, the brand offers a feeling of exclusivity by working with the finest retailers all over the world in countries like Japan, Puerto Rico, Russia, and more.

Dauphines of New York’s latest venture is an exclusive eight-piece collaboration with Sephora. As the latter needs no introduction, this is a huge accomplishment. Sephora is my go to shop for anything beauty related and being able to shop their exquisite collaboration makes it that much greater. The headbands are versatile and the perfect accessory for any holiday party or dinner you have coming up.

Dauphines of New York (Front Row Darling)
{Front Row Darling}

Dauphines of New York (Free Spirit)
{Free Spirit}

Dauphines of New York (All Time Favorite - Coral)
{All Time Favourite – Coral}

Dauphines of New York (All Time Favorite - Labradorite)
{All Time Favourite – Labradorite}
Dauphines of New York (Forever Yours - Turquoise:Pyrite)
{Forever Yours – Turquoise/Pyrite}

Dauphines of New York  (The Center of Attention)
{The Centre of Attention}

Dauphines of New York (the true original)
{The True Original}

Stunning collection or what? With price points between $24 and $45 dollars, it’s a way to feel luxurious without breaking the bank. You can shop any of the headbands from the collection by hovering over the description below the photo, or clicking *this* link.


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