Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2015

I have mixed feelings about Prabal Gurung. When he first came onto the fashion scene, I was a huge fan of his work. His design techniques were so unique and he created stunning pieces. Lately, I feel like his collections have been a bit all over the place, but not this one. For Pre-Fall 2015, Prabal has re-invigorated my love for him with 40 looks that are harmonious as they are beautiful. The colour palette is a balance of light and dark; with rosy pink, black, and white alongside fire engine red, cobalt blue, and yellow. There are many red carpet contenders in this collection and I hope that we will see at least two or three of these looks make a statement at award shows in the future. My faith in Prabal is restored once more.

Favourite Looks:

Prabal_Gurung_02_1366 Prabal_Gurung_06_1366 Prabal_Gurung_08_1366 Prabal_Gurung_10_1366 Prabal_Gurung_11_1366 Prabal_Gurung_12_1366 Prabal_Gurung_14_1366 Prabal_Gurung_24_1366 Prabal_Gurung_25_1366 Prabal_Gurung_29_1366 Prabal_Gurung_32_1366 Prabal_Gurung_35_1366 Prabal_Gurung_40_1366{images via}


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