Charlie Hunnam for Vogue

Who tuned in for the series finale of Sons of Anarchy on Tuesday? I have yet to watch it so please spare me any spoilers, but I’ve been a diehard fan from the beginning. My ex-boyfriend and I used to marathon the episodes and pull all nighters because we were so entranced by the show. I’m devastated it’s over but I’m glad that it’s by the hand of the creator, Kurt Sutter, rather than the network cancelling it. One of the reasons I loved the show so much was because of the main character, Jax Teller. If you haven’t read my Holiday Gift Guide 2.0, you’ll see I even thought of some Christmas gifts for the President of Sam Cro. Now that the series has come to an end, I’m curious to what the man behind the actor will do next. That man is the beautiful Charlie Hunnam. I say beautiful because it’s the first word that comes to mind when I see pictures of his beautiful blue eyes, chiseled body, and long hair. He has slowly become one of my celebrity crushes but after you see this editorial for American Vogue, I bet you’ll be on Team Charlie as well.

Photographed by Bruce Weber, Charlie poses alongside models Caroline Trentini and Anna Ewers in an array of playful yet romantic shots. I love Bruce’s work because you can tell that his subjects feel comfortable and aren’t holding anything back. If I was a model he would be the number one photographer I’d like to work with. Not to mention, I’ve loved Anna since I first laid eyes on her, earlier last year. I hold Brigitte Bardot in high regard so seeing as Anna could be her daughter, it’s fairly obvious why I’m so fond of her. All in all, I feel like this shoot was made for me. There’s nothing like seeing the amazing results of your favourite people working together to create magic.

anna charlie caroline anna charlie caroline 2 anna charlie caroline 3 anna charlie caroline 4 anna charlie caroline 5 anna charlie caroline 6 anna charlie caroline 7 anna charlie caroline 8{images via Image Amplified}


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