Chanel Pre-Fall 2015

Today in fashion, two shows were held that exist on opposing ends of the spectrum: the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show in London, England and the Chanel Pre-Fall 2015 show in Salzburg, Austria. I haven’t seen any images of the VS show besides Instagram uploads by the models and people lucky enough to attend the show, but Style saved the day by uploading the photos from the Chanel show already. Tim Blanks penned another review that reminded me why I’m so enamoured by this industry and for the first time in ages, I loved this show. Recently I haven’t been on board with Karl Lagerfeld’s creations, they’re becoming very commercialized coming from a brand that is built on years of tradition. This show was refreshing – everything from the casting to the location to the clothing itself.

I am thankful to Tim Blanks as he constantly teaches me new things and his review of this collection was full of information I hadn’t known prior. Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart, setting of The Sound of Music, and a huge part of Baroque architecture. In the 1950’s, Romy Schneider portrayed Empress Elisabeth of Austria in a trilogy directed by Luchindo Visconti and last night Lagerfeld premiered Reincarnation, a film starring Cara Delevingne and Pharell Williams as “Sissi” and Emperor Franz Joseph I. One thing I can’t deny about Lagerfeld is how thoughtful he is when it comes to researching his collections. Every last detail of the clothes shown on the runway today transported me to Salzburg and it was hard to pull myself out of a daydream fairytale state. All hail the Kaiser, King of Fashion.

Favourite Looks:

_A2X1518 _A2X1559 _A2X1599 _A2X1833 _A2X2121 _A2X2321 _A2X2468 _A2X2810 _A2X3217


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