Lost in Reverie Holiday Gift Guide 2.0

My favourite thing about the holidays are traditions. I love seeing them come to life as each generation interprets it in their own way. In our family, my mother and my aunt will take turns having our family Christmas dinner each year. It’s a tradition that gives our family stability, as it’s not last minute planning, and it’s always bound to be a memorable occasion with the people we love the most. Since today marks the last first day of 2014 (time has flown by so fast, eep!), I have decided to start my own holiday tradition.

After reading through Michael Carl’s gift guide for Vanity Fair, I knew immediately I would have to do my own take on their gift guide. They chose some of our favourite television characters (Christian Grey, Claire Underwood, etc) and what they will be asking for this holiday season. It made me wonder what some of my favourite characters would want if their lives existed outside the walls of cinema. Will Malory buy Sterling a bottle of Glengoolie Blue? What are Bette and Dot asking for from their freakshow family? Keep reading to find out who’s asking for what, or whom, this season.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.34.51 PM{Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy}

The world’s favourite misunderstood motorcycle president has been going through a lot of serious changes in Season 7 (spoiler alerts ahead, please do not read if you haven’t seen Season 7) such as dealing with the loss of his high school sweetheart, his step father, and his best friend. With the club falling apart slowly yet surely and Jax realizing that he might not ever escape life as a bandit, here are a few gifts that could benefit him this winter:

All Saints leather jacket
After watching all the rough housing, shoot outs, and drug deals that go on on a day to day basis, I’m sure Jax could use a new leather jacket to add to his collection.

Tree of Life leather bound journal
Following in his father’s footsteps, Jax is often seen reading letters that his father John left him or writing in his own journal. This hand-made leather bound one from Etsy would be the perfect gift to pass down to Abel and Thomas.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo Gear Control motorcycle
He wouldn’t be Jax Teller without the loudest, most badass motorcycle in Charming.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.35.23 PM{Andy Sachs from The Devil Wears Prada}

I love Andy Sachs and everything she stands for. As the second assistant to the Editor in Chief of Runway Magazine, Miranda Priestly, Andy constantly has to be ten steps ahead of her boss. With gift guides to be written, galas and events to be organized, Andy will need to look and feel her best for anything that comes her way, so here are some essentials:

Jimmy Choo thigh high boots
“You sold your soul to the devil when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choo’s, I saw it.” Recognize this line? After a near miss with death, Miranda’s first assistant Emily utters these words to Andy. Although it was an obvious cut at her, there was also an obvious change in Andy when she started to feel more confident in her appearance and work at Runway.

Topshop faux fur stole
For all those nights waiting on the Met steps, trying to help Miranda remember the thousands of guests she’s invited to this year’s Costume Institute Gala.

Edie Parker Flavia emoji clutch
A bright pop of colour to lift her mood while working overtime at the office.

YSL Touche Éclat
So it doesn’t look like Andy had spent so many late nights at the office.

iPhone 6
Every fashion girl’s best friend: a calendar, datebook, phone, and iPod all in one.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.34.31 PM{Sterling Archer from Archer}

Oh, Sterling. Where do I begin? After watching all five seasons of Archer in a few weeks, I have to admit that his asshole personality has grown on me. Head of Command at Isis, or should I say, used to be… Archer is the kind of man you don’t know what to think of. Right away you can point out the obvious: he’s an aggressive drunk with a knack for rampages, but we love him all the same. Since he’s been lucky enough (I use the word luck sparingly) to have his mother, Malory, there to rescue him and bring him Glengoolie Blue and gummie bears, there aren’t a lot of things he needs this Christmas. Yet here are a few gifts I know he wouldn’t refuse:

Pontiac Trans Am
After his previous one got “stolen” to teach him a lesson, Archer’s pride and joy has been through hell and back. From chasing mobsters with his mother’s husband Ron; to being the car that saves the day; there is no better gift than the car that Archer can drive proudly screaming “DANGER ZONE” at anyone who will listen.

Gucci ribbed turtleneck sweater
“I didn’t invent the turtleneck, Lana, but I was the first to recognize its potential as a tactical garment. The tactical turtleneck. The tactalneck.” This may have been another example of Archer trying to have a one-up on his ex-girlfriend and co-worker Lana Kane, but it’s true that Archer pulls off a turtleneck better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Wild Turkey Kentucky bourbon
A known favourite of the late Hunter S. Thompson, I think that Archer would be partial to Wild Turkey bourbon. For a man who lives his life on the edge, constantly getting himself into situations that baffle everyone including his butler, this whiskey would be the perfect companion.

As Burt Reynold’s biggest fan, ever (see: constant mentioning of Smokey & The Bandits; Danger Zone; driving a Pontiac Trans Am), Archer probably already owns this classic film, yet I can imagine him opening the gift wrap and making everyone in the ISIS HQ watch it with him over a glass of Wild Turkey.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.35.08 PM{Bette and Dot Tattler from American Horror Story: Freakshow}

The beloved Tattler siamese twins. When these girls were first introduced on the fourth season of American Horror Story, I was elated. Thanks to Ryan Murphy introducing me to actress Sarah Paulson in Season 2 of the show, I have become a huge fan of her acting. For a woman with no oddities, she looks refreshing as the Tattler twins. Although they share mostly everything, Bette and Dot are very different personalities. Here’s what I think they would be interested in receiving from Madame Elsa Mars:


Bose noise cancelling headphones
Since Dandy has already proved that Dot should be careful with her thoughts, these Bose noise cancelling headphones may give her some peace from the commotion of the freakshow and perhaps enlighten her that sharing a life with her sister isn’t so bad.

Banks Goddess LP
When Dot sang Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” she stunned the entire audience as they didn’t realize she was so talented musically. These days, I think that singer Banks embodies the power and depth that Fiona Apple once did, and I can see Dot belting out the lyrics to “Goddess” trying to win over Jimmy Darling’s heart.


PhytoGlass golden highlights
After making a deal with the Devil (I still love you, Jessica Lange!), the twins had a few requests from their Fairy Godmother. Bette dreamed of being a star and the first step to her transformation was to get beautiful blonde locks, like Marilyn Monroe. I know first hand how difficult blonde hair is to maintain so this will help keep her colour vibrant.

Valentino short sleeve lace dress
With a new hair cut and colour, a new wardrobe would go hand in hand. Since funds are limited from the twins show, I can imagine Bette pushing pennies and waiting for the right dress. As the more eloquent sister, Valentino would be the perfect fit to match the loveliness she’s been trying to evoke. And even more, I doubt young Dandy would be able to get her out of his head if he saw her wearing this dress.

What did you think of my gift guide 2.0 round up? Do you have any other gift suggestions you think the above would enjoy? Who do you think should be on the list for next year? I loved writing this post, so it will definitely be re-occuring for years to come. That’s the beautiful thing about traditions – they always leave room for creating amazing new memories.


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