No Filter: Seeing Kim Kardashian in a New Way

When Paper Magazine unveiled their Winter 2014 cover with a nearly naked Kim Kardashian, posing with a glass of champagne on her derriere, they definitely received the reaction they wanted by “breaking the internet.” No, they didn’t shut down the World Wide Web, but in a short matter of days the image of Kim was plastered everywhere. Not that being documented by everyone is new to Kim, but the fervor the image created may be just as intense as her and her husband Kanye West’s joint cover of American Vogue in May this past year.

No Filter

I took the time today to read the interview she did with Paper Mag’s Amanda Fortini, and I have to admit, it made me take a step back and look at Kim in a new light. Many of us already have our opinions about the reality star, yet I am kicking myself for making such naive judgements of someone who’s life I follow only on social media. Although in the interview Kim admits that “There’s nothing we can do that’s not documented,” it isn’t fair to place judgement or give our two sense on what she’s doing and who she does it with.

When the photos came out, there was immediate backlash towards Kim from many different camps. Some people wondered how she could pose nude as a mother, others took the opportunity to make memes, and some were generally disapproving for reasons unbeknownst to me. I can’t place who tweeted it, yet someone made a very strong point, being that why is it that since Kim is now a mother that she is no longer a sexual being? I take this in a way that means, can Kim no longer feel sexy? If I had her body, I would be so proud of it, especially after giving birth. For a women who says she posts her selfies on Instagram with no filter, I can see why. Some think she’s a narcissist for compiling a book of her self portraits (published by Rizzoli, coming out in the spring) yet I take it as a sign of another opportunity Kim is taking on as a business woman.

No Filter 2

You may think that she is just a celebrity airhead without any intellect backing her case, yet I believe that Kim is someone we should all be looking to for motivation. She’s an ambitious entrepreneur who knows what she wants and gets it. If it were anyone else, society would be clapping for her for making her way in a man’s world. The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game made over $43 million in the first quarter alone, which is proof that she knows how to make a profit.

Kim is a beacon of what our generation stands for. In a world ran by social media and the internet, Kim existed before the hype was set in stone. As she mentions in the interview, the show was around before social media blew up, yet her career evolved with it. For those who think she is famous for the wrong reasons, I understand your opinions, as I too once believed she was another rich girl taking advantage of her wealth and last name. I have been proven wrong and have begun to see Kim in a new way. She’s become a role model in my life because of her ambition and drive to constantly be working on the next thing.

No Filter 3

What Kim has given to our generation (and the Kardashian clan as a whole) is the chance to see that our worlds may be very different, yet they’re so close to being the same. As Amanda writes in her interview: “Like Warhol’s screen tests, Keeping Up With the Kardashians has a disarming purity. It invites us to glory in our star’s mundanity, which permits us to enjoy our own.” It’s so true though, isn’t it? We can spend hours on the weekend having a KUWTK marathon, not realizing that while we sit and watch, immersed in their lives, it gives us the innate feeling that we should enjoy how our lives are now.

The number one thing I took from Kim’s interview for Paper Magazine is this: don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or, for those of you who’ve replaced books with iPhones: don’t judge a selfie by the filter.

all images via Paper Magazine


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