David Stephenson is a photographer and videographer from Hobart, Tasmania who has years of talent under his belt. Born in 1955, he studied at the University of Colorado and then the University of New Mexico, completing his MFA in 1982. He went on to teach photography at the University of Tasmania, where he completed his PhD in Fine Art in 2001. Since then, he has been using his skills to create masterful works of art.

When I was perusing Tumblr (as I often do), I came across a series of his photographs from the series Vaults. It was a project David did between 2003-2009 and consists of images of vaults from cathedrals around Europe. As a fan of ancient history and architecture in particular, I was intrigued to see the vaults presented in this medium. Between 1508 and 1512, Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which is where the Roman Catholic church holds papal conclaves among other prestigious events. This attention to the vaults, which are always absolutely stunning, is a new look at understanding renaissance art and giving new appreciation to the ceilings of these majestic cathedrals.


stephensonlaoncathedral{Nave, Laon Cathedral, Laon, France, 2006}

{Nave, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France, 2006}

{Nave, Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi, Assisi, 2008}

{Octagon, Ely Cathedral, England, 2006}

{Nave, St. Anne’s Church, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany, 2008}

{all images photographed by David Stephenson, images via Elliott in Gotham}


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