What Would Yeezus Wear

Before André Leon Talley left his post at Zappos, his final blog entry for the brand claimed that Kimye and baby North are the FFF – First Fashion Family. He wrote how Kim and Kanye took the fashion world by storm “with completely turned-out new elegance“. Not to mention their beautiful little girl, sitting front row with her parents at Paris Fashion Week, gives the family that much more fashion credibility.

It is no surprise then that the influence Kimye shares would inspire others who follow their life and style evolution. Kathleen Lee and Katie Yuko created their own Tumblr dedicated to the most buzzworthy couple in fashion. In the description of their blog, it reads: “#Kimye vs #Katye” as the two women have been recreating some of the couple’s best looks. Since we all know how much Kanye loves himself, I bet once he catches a glimpse of their Tumblr, he’ll take it as the most sincere compliment yet.

WWYW1 WWYW3 WWYW4 WWYW5 WWYW6{images via What Would Yeezus Wear}


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