Most Fashionable Pumpkins

WhoWhatWear has been one of my favourite blogs to follow from the very beginning. They stream tons of new content every day that stems from fashion to beauty to home with lots of tips and tricks in between. WhoWhatWear has two sister sites, Domaine and Byrdie, with the former being dedicated to home and the latter, entirely beauty focused.

Today on WWW, Peter Dolkas (you may remember him from his appearance on Candidly Nicole!), shares how their team decided to do pumpkin decorating a bit differently. Straying from the traditional jack-o-lantern, these pumpkins are perfect for anyone who loves fashion. From Anna Wintour to Rachel Zoe, I’d consider keeping them as year round decorations.

andre leon talley{Andre Leon Talley}

anna wintour
{Anna Wintour}

grace coddington{Grace Coddington}

jenna lyons
{Jenna Lyons}

karl lagerfeld{Karl Lagerfeld}

mary kate and ashley olsen'
{Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen}

rachel zoe{Rachel Zoe}

Pretty cute, huh?! Head over to Domaine to find out the materials used and how to get a head start on creating your own fashion pumpkins.

images via Domaine


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