Into The Wild

Right when I was about to start wishing for warmer days, this Vogue Paris editorial comes along starring Anja Rubik, making me anxious for the fall weather to stay permanent. Fashion never ceases to amaze me at how quickly it can change my mind about things…

Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-1 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-2 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-3 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-4 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-5 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-6 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-7 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-8 Anja-Rubik-By-Lachlan-Bailey-For-Vogue-Paris-October-2014-9{images via Studded Hearts}



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