The Invisible Man

When you were younger, did you ever have a “Where’s Waldo” book? The concept is to search for Waldo, who wears glasses, a red and white shirt, and red pants with a matching striped cap. Looking through two pages filled with hundreds of other character drawings, objects, and a scenery where he blends in, it was an increasingly difficult yet entertaining game. Artist Liu Bolin has taken the game of hide and seek to a whole other level. Liu paints himself to match his surroundings and it makes you wonder how someone could be so accurate. It’s camouflage in every day life and it’s astounding how he blends in perfectly.

liu bolin liu bolin2 liu bolin3 liu bolin4 liu bolin5{images via Another Magazine}

All I know now is that I’d love to call Liu to be on my team next time my friends get together for a game of man hunt. What do you think of his illusion art? Let me know in the comments!


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