‘The Simpsons’ Outfit Grids by Bryan Espritu


This year marks the 25th anniversary of ‘The Simpsons’. I remember growing up and turning the television on at 5PM every night to see what my favourite wacky family would get up to. The Simpsons taught me a lot about family, friendship, and life. Over at Highsnobiety, they share the same love for this show as I do. They brought upon illustrator Bryan Espiritu to create outfit grids of some of the most iconic characters from the show. Above, you see a flat lay of what the infamous Homer Simpson wears in his day to day life (featuring Duff beer, of course). See the rest of the outfit grids below:

ned{Ned Flanders – the world’s most famous lefty}

krusty{Krusty the Clown – I wonder how he looks without his blue hair?}

chief wigum{Chief Wiggum – never far from a delicious sprinkle doughnut}

barney{Barney Gumble – an array of beer cans and disheveled clothes…reminiscent of my high school weekends}

What did you think of the grids? I personally thought they were very fitting for each character. If I were to choose a few more worthy of an illustration, I would pick Monty Burns; Principle Skinner; and Milhouse van Houten. Who would you choose? Let me know in the comments.

images via HighSnobiety


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