Spotlight: LishyLishy Home Decor

Nowadays, who isn’t on Instagram? On countless occasions I’ve found myself lost in the moment, scrolling through my Instagram feed, trying to find inspiration for blog posts and other realms of my life. Through the app, I have been able to find hundreds of people who inspire me and motivate me to move forward with my creative endeavours. One of the people I have been lucky enough to correspond with, thanks to the Instagram community, is Alisha Johns.

Alisha is the founder of the LishyLishy Home Decor shop and fashion and lifestyle blog, LishyLishy. After studying abroad in Lugano, Switzerland; Alisha completed her marketing degree from Virginia Tech. She decided to take her blog to the next level and move into e-commerce. She kick started her business by sourcing hand painting home decor items and vintage books and now her shop has a variety of bright; whimsical pieces to give new life to your space.

The name Lishy Lishy, and logo, articulate the proper annunciation of Alisha (like fish) while representing the happy, curious spirit of the brand. With a bubbly personality that matches her shop’s brand, Alisha’s Instagram is another extension of the talent and charisma that she possesses. Don’t worry about FOMO, as the stream of beautiful art; ogle worthy desk supplies; and magical landscapes will keep your mind inspired.

Here are a handful of the outstanding prints available in the Lishy Lishy Home Decor shop:

Choose Joy internat. locales DSCN4563

If you are interested in purchasing any of the prints above, or you want to see more of Alisha’s designs, head over to the Lishy Lishy Home Decor shop. And if you aren’t inspired enough yet, give her Instagram a follow. I promise you, your feed will be that much brighter!

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