Urban Decay x Pulp Fiction

images via Google, InStyle
What better way to immortalize the 90’s vixen, Mia Wallace, than creating a makeup collection so any modern day girl can get her look? One of the foxiest cinematic characters, Mia Wallace (played by Uma Thurman) stole our hearts with her straight to the point attitude, dancing skills, and of course – her infamous look. Sporting a blunt, black bob paired with a deep red lip; it would be no easy feat trying to forget this face. 
Celebrating the twenty-year anniversary of Pulp Fiction, Urban Decay decided that it would be the perfect time for this daredevil to have another chance at the limelight. According to InStyle, the collection was originally only a nail polish and lipstick, but the company decided that the two products didn’t fully envelop the daring Mrs. Wallace. Offering a matching lip pencil, glittery gunmetal eyeliner, and five-color eyeshadow palette; you can take the look from day by using the subtle shades, to a night of dancing by adding the glittery liner and a bold lip colour.
The best part? The entire line is priced at less than $50, leaving you enough extra cash to get one of those incredible $5 shakes that we all know and love so much.
product images via InStyle (and yes, that is Ezekiel 25:17 passage on the back of the shadow packaging)

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