The Terry Richardson Debate

Terry Richardson with Suzy Menkes, image via Terry’s Diary

When you hear the name Terry Richardson, what comes to mind? The man who used to be held in high regard as an esteemed fashion photographer is slowly losing his allure, with accusations of sexual harassment coming out left and right. The latest comes from model Emma Appleton, who shared a screenshot on Twitter of a message that was allegedly sent to her by Richardson. In the message it says that he offered Appleton a Vogue shoot in exchange for sex. She deleted her Twitter account soon after and took to her Instagram to make a statement, saying she regrets posting it seeing the response it brought forward. A representative for Vogue was quick to comment stating that the magazine hasn’t worked with Richardson since July 2010 and has no plans to work with him anytime soon. Although Vogue putting a kibosh on any future partnership with him is a step in the right direction, immediately I thought of my favourite magazine, Harper’s Bazaar.

Harper’s Bazaar has worked with Terry Richardson more than any other magazine in the last couple of years. Giving him the opportunity to shoot stars including Madonna, Sofia Vergara,  Miley Cyrus,  and Kate Upton re-iterates that his presence in fashion is accepted. His position as a sought after fashion photographer gives him power in the industry that young models only dream about. Although this isn’t a claim that he uses his notoriety for the wrong reasons, it does sound plausible after so many scandals have come about where he is preying on these young women. I hope that Harper’s Bazaar will follow Vogue’s example, and other magazines; editors; and models, will take it into consideration when Terry Richardson’s name is brought into the conversation.


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