March Beauty Favourites

True Life: I’m a shopaholic. I cannot deny how giddy I get when I walk into the doors of a mall and see a long hall of stores ahead of me. I love the feeling of arriving in a store when they have just received new stock, which happens every few weeks, as it’s like being a kid in a candy store. Living in a city like Ottawa means I constantly have different stores to check out to window shop, yet sometimes I can’t resist the urge to buy. 
A prime example is Sephora. Any time I walk into the store I’m instantly greeted by one of their phenomenal staff members and then left alone to peruse the variety of skin, makeup and hair products. Every big name in the beauty industry has their coveted collection at Sephora (My current favourite? Urban Decay, for having quality at affordable prices) and whether you’re in the mood to buy or just be amazed, this is the store to be at. My favourite part of Sephora is the fragrance section. As someone who rotates a few different kinds of perfume at a time (one is a favourite for this month!) I love seeing the different scents and contemplating what I will buy for the new season. After I finish spraying a variety of perfumes onto my wrist, I walk around the entire store testing out all of the different products. It’s one of my favourite past times and I can’t wait to have more money to spend on beauty products.
One of my favourite things to do after I find a product that I really love is to add it to my own list of “Favourites.” I find it important to have a hard copy of different things I like so when I run out, I know exactly what I’m looking for to replace it. Beyond that, as a blogger, I feel like it’s only fair to share my own opinions on products to hopefully help you with your own decisions when buying drugstore or designer products. Now, onto the favourites for March…
1 ELF Little Black Beauty Book
For those who walk into Target and leave with their arms full of things they don’t need, I have the same problem, but at Winners. My favourite spot to find discounted designer clothes, bags, and beauty products, is the only store I have found in Ottawa that sell’s ELF products. Luckily for me, I have one that isn’t out of the way so every few months I check out what they have to offer. When I found the ELF Little Black Beauty Book for less than $5, I knew I had hit the jackpot. With an array of eye shadows, the book takes you from day to night instantly. I would start my day pairing a neutral shade like a light brown with a shiny gold and later on trade it for a purple or silver. For a small price, the book makes a big impact.
2 Chloé Eau de Parfum
A Christmas present from my cosmetician best friend, this perfume has been a staple since I received the beautiful bottle. At first I would use it sparingly, but now I know that this Chloé perfume will be my signature scent. It’s ultra feminine and gives that extra boost to my self-esteem before I go anywhere which is what I love the most about it.
3 Essie ‘Hip-anema’ Nail Polish
For someone who relies on their twice a month manicures like a religion, lately I have taken to doing my nails at home. After realizing how much money I could save by painting my nails at home and fixing them up when necessary, I decided I must buy a few bottles of polish to start off my collection. Since the spring weather hasn’t officially decided to stick around, I went for this firetruck red nail polish by Essie. After putting on two coats, the colour looked amazing and it has incredible staying power. I think if I had used a top coat it would be even better so that is my next investment!
4 Covergirl Felt Tip Eyeliner
My goal for 2014 is to master the Cleopatra winged eye technique. I love the look of a cat eye and I believe that this felt tip eyeliner by Covergirl is the tool I need in order to successfully attain the seductive look. With the felt tip, it’s easy to guide and doesn’t hurt the eye when pressed onto the water line. For under $10, it’s an absolute steal.

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