Are You Ready to Get Lost?

In 2014, a teenage girl starting a personal style blog is the norm. Yet for this teenage girl, it has been a work in progress for the past year and a half. Picking the right platform, finding a photographer, scouting locations that haven’t been Instagrammed 100 times before, were all things that I thought were incredibly important before launching this blog. One of the most difficult tasks of all was finding a name that I found represents myself, the journey I’m on, and what I want this blog to be about.

As previously noted, this is a personal style blog. I have been enamoured by the fashion industry since I was seven years old and now that I’m turning 20 this fall, I’m realizing how this is definitely the industry I want to spend my life being a part of. Beyond posting outfit photos, I want this blog to be a visual diary for myself and the experiences I have. I have always followed the philosophy that a photograph speaks a thousand words but I have loved writing since I was able to hold a pen in my hand. I hope you all bear with me and follow along for the ride. Prepare for an adventure through my mind and life. It’s time to get lost in reverie…


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